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This distinguished program ranks among the field's leaders in one or more areas of research. Click faculty names to review individual publications in the communication research literature. Click research strength categories or top ten research categories to review joint departmental publication in the communication research literature by topic.

Department:Department of Communication
Northern Illinois University
Dekalb, Illinois 60115-2854
Home page:
Chairperson or head:Professor Mehdi Semati
Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters
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Bryan, Ferald J.
Cady, Kathryn
Caspersen, Randy
Cassidy, Bill
Gunkel, David
Guzman, Andrea
Hamlet, Janice D.
Henningsen, David D.
Henningsen, Mary-Lynn
Holt, G. R.
Lafrance, Betty
Manning, Jimmie
Scudder, Joseph
Semati, Mehdi
Valde, Kathleen
Vasquez, Laura
Whedbee, Karen
Woodyard, Kerith
Yuan, Shupei
Areas of departmental research strength: Broadcasting-And-Media, Cognition, Computer, Conflict, Critical-Theory, Deception, Education, Ethics, Family, Gender, Health, Interpersonal, Law, Marriage-And-Intimacy, Metaphor, Methodology, Middle-East, Narrative, Nonverbal, Organizational, Persuasion, Print-Journalism, Public-Speaking, Religion, Rhetoric, Science, Sexuality, Small-Group-Roles, Social-Structure, Technologies, Television, Text-And-Writing, Theory
Top 10 research department for: Deception, Metaphor, Middle-East, Religion, Science, Sexuality, Small-Group-Roles, Text-And-Writing

Notes: Data are based on best available information and are updated regularly but may not reflect changes in departmental personnel, changes in degree programs, or changes in faculty research interests. Click here to read important additional information about this database, the way in which faculty research strengths and "Top Ten" designation is determined, and how the data are derived and updated.