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Selective Bibliography on Ethnic Minorities, Racism and the Mass Media
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The Electronic Journal of Communication / La Revue Electronique de Communication
***** VANDIJK2 ********* EJC/REC Vol. 5, No. 2&3, 1995 *****


Teun A. van Dijk
University of Amsterdam

Version 4.0 (April 1995)

This selective bibliography primarily focuses on the portrayal of
ethnic minorities in the mass media, and especially in the written
press. Some references are included about the representation of
minorities in television, radio, film, and advertising. Also, only
some works are mentioned about minority media and minority
journalists. For a more detailed bibliography of Blacks in/and the
media, see the bibliography by Snorgrass & Woody (1985).

Missing references may be sent to:

Teun A. van Dijk
University of Amsterdam
Program of Discourse Studies
210 Spuistraat
1012 VT Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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