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Kurylo's Communication Links

This site was created and is maintained by Anastacia Kurylo, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Communication Arts, Division of the Humanities, Marymount Manhattan College

Communication, Humanities, and Social Science Resources

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
A First Look at Communication Theory

Celebrities in Cognitive Science

Communication, Culture, and Media Studies
Elmer Social Science Dictionary
Episteme Links
Epistemology for Enlightenment

In Other Words: A Lexicon of the Humanities
Interpersonal Communication Theories
Philosophy Terminology
Psychology Explorer
Psychology Theories
Social Science Dictionary
Sociology Dictionary
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Theory for Communication
Virtual Library: Sociology

Extensive Communication Resources
Communication Research
Interesting and Useful Web Sites
Language Processing Resources
U-IOWA Links to Resources
Social Science Resources

 Periodicals (online or print)
American Communication Journal
American Demographics Magazine
American Journalism Review
Applied Semiotics
Arts and Letters Daily
Atlantic Monthly
Boston Globe
Brookings Institute
Business Week
Chronicle of Higher Education
Cognitive Science E-Print Articles
Committee to Protect Journalists
Communication Studies (CSA Journal)
Communication Teacher Index
Computer-Mediated-Communication Magazine
Eastern Communication Association Journals
Electronic Journal of Communication
International Communication Association Journals
Internet Scout Report
Ivory Tower
Journal of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
Journal of Online Behavior
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
Merchants of Cool-Frontline Report
National Communication Association  Journals
New York Times
Online Journalism Review
Public Agenda Online

Qualitative Report 

Research and Creative Activity Magazine
Social Research Update
Sociological Research Online

SSCA Links
Time Magazine
University of Iowa Links to Journals
US News and World Report
Washington Post
Wired News
Western Communication Association Journals

* Indicates specific journals are listed at the site

Researcher, Teacher, and Student Resources

Researcher Resources
Committee on Institutional Cooperation
Community of Science
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Grant Archive
Grants for Individuals: Communications
Research Service
Social Science Research Council Funding
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

Teacher Resources
Adjunct Genie The Education Network
Codes of Professional Ethics
Faculty Salaries Data
Free Educational Videos
Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Salary
Get Cited
Hoaxes: Search Before You Forward
Improving Student Achievement
Lightspan Study Web: Links for Learning
National Teaching and Learning Forum
NCA's Communication Teacher Resources
Teachers' Tools for the 21st Century

Preparing Future Faculty

Education Policy Sites
Assessment Website
Institute for Higher Education Policy

Communication Across the Curriculum
Communication Within the Curriculum
Illinois Institute of Technology
Worcestor Polytechnic Institute 

Student Resources
Academic Institutional Profiles
Communication Program Reputations<
e-Tutor, Inc.
Graduate School Information
Graduate Student Resources on the Web 
Index of Graduate Programs
Measuring Up
National Center for Education Statistics
NCA Communication Program List
National Doctoral Program Survey
Online Communication Courses
Re-Invisioning the Ph.D
US News Online: America's Best Colleges










Publishing/ Web Design/ Writing Resources

Writing Resources
APA Documentation
APA Format
APA Style
APA Style Resources
APA Writing Resources
Common Errors in English
English as a Second Language
Library Spot
RefDesk Site Map
Rutgers Writing Resources
Tips, Tools, and Ideas
University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center
Worldnet- A Lexical Database for English
Writing Handbook
Writing Skills
Copyright Crash Course
Copyright Laws
Copyright Management Center
Information and Searches
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Web Site Evaluation and Design
Evaluating Quality on the Net
Fair Use Guidelines
Learn the
Online Course Development

Writing for the Web


Search Engines

Database Searches 
Alexa Rated Web Search
Complete Planet
Cornell University Prototype Digital Library
Gebbie Press: The All-In-One Media Directory
Government Documents Library Homepage
Humanities and Social Sciences Library
Internet Public Library
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Online Catalog
Networked Social Science Tool and Resources
News Link
New York Public Library
Pro Fusion
Social Science Information Gateway
U.S. House of Representatives
World Factbook

Publication Searches 
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship

Electronic Journal Publishers
Online Books Page
Online Scholarly Journals
Opinion Pages from Worldwide Newspapers

Media and Speech Resources

Media Resources
A and E
ABC News

Discovery Channel
History Channel
News Hour With Jim Lehrer
Public Radio

 Full Text Speeches
Douglass Archives of American Public Address
George Washington Papers
Gifts of Speech
Hall of Black Achievement Gallery
JFK Link
Social Justice Speeches Project
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project
U. of Iowa Rhetoric Resources
Speaking/Communication Centers/Labs
Arkansas State University Speech Lab
Butlers University Speakers Lab
Oral Communication Program
Speaking Center Online
U. of Richmond Speech Center

* Theories/Theorists Resources

Heider's Attribution Theory
Journey into Constructivism
Personal Construction Theory

Critical Theory
Conflict, Freud, and Culture
Dictionary for the Works of Michel Foucault

Foucault Bibliography
Foucault Dictionary
Foucault Info

Links Appropriate for Foucault Scholars
Queer Theory

Weedon Chapter-by-Chapter
World of Foucault

Language and Social Interaction

Sacks Selected Bibliography

History of Communication
Full Text of Shannon's Papers

Margaret Mead

Evolution of Communication Timeline

History of Communication Timeline
Sociology Timeline

* See also Dictionaries and Encyclopedias section.


Specialization Area Resources

* Computer-Mediated Communication
Bibliography on Chat
Center for Social and Internet Research
Characteristics and Choices of Internet Users
CMC Bibliograph

CMC Information Sources
European Media, Technology, and Everyday Life
Graphic, Visualization and Usability Center
Human-Computer Interaction Bibliography
Hypertext and Virtual Realities
NetLingo–The Internet Language Dictionary:
Oxford Internet Institute
Pew Internet and American Life
Poisoning the Web: Hatred Online
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Wanderer Results

* See also Web Site Evaluation and Design section.
* Gender and Communication
American Women's History
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Media
Muted Group Theory
Queer Theory

* See also Critical Theory section.

Group Communication

Small Group Communication

Health Communication
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Health Link Plus
Kaiser Family Foundation
Kaiser Network
National Center for Infectious Disease

Intercultural Communication
Arab Social Science Research
Communication Initiative
How Americans Communicate
Intercultural Context
International Travel Regulations
Middle East Gateway
Multicultural Pavilion
Race and Ethnicity
Islamic Studies

Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal Context
Interpersonal Theories
Interpersonal Web

Media and Journalism 

CCMS Infobase
Cultivation Theory
Journalism Resources
Mass Communication Context

MCS (Media Mix)
Media History Project
Media Studies Resources
Spiral of Silence

Nonverbal Communication
Center for Nonverbal Studies
Exploring Nonverbal Communication
Kismet: A Robot with Emotions
Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication Links
Nonverbal Communication Research Page

Organizational Communication
Karl Weik
Language in the Workplace Project
Organizational Context
Political Communication
Congressional Record
Legal Encyclopedia
Legislative Information on the Internet
Political Cartoons
Political Communication
Progressive Government
University Law Review Project
Public Speaking
Conversational Terrorism
Debate Issues
Speech Tips
Story Arts Online
Rhetorical Criticism

Internet Moving Images Archive
Lamoureux's Theory Notes
Making of America
National First Ladies Library Homepage
Propaganda Analysis
Rhetoric Notes Theorists
Silva Rhetoricae
Stock, Archival, and News Footage Network

Methods and Statistics Resources

Research Methods Knowledge Base

Qualitative Methods
Content Analysis Resources
Dialogue Resources and Development

Ethno/CA Newsletter
Qualitative Bibliography

Qualitative Research Web Sites  
QualPage: Resources for Qualitative Researchers  
Text Analysis Tools  

Quantitative Methods
Experimental Design
Experimental Design: Internal Validity 
Experimental Design (StatSoft)
Explanation of Statistical Terms
Hyperstat Online

Quantitative Statistics Handbook

Statistics Glossary
St@tServ Data Mining page
Vassar Stats: Website for Statistical Computation

Virtual Lab in Statistics

* Survey Results and Statistics
Government Document Library: Statistics
Higher Education Research Institute CIRP Surveys
Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth
Murray Research Center
National Center for Education Statistics
Report of Web-Based Education Commission
Roper Center Public Opinion Research
Uncle Sam's Reference Shelf: Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
The Condition of Education 1998
The Geography of US Diversity
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:
U.S. Bureau of the Census
Search Government Documents
Social Research Update
Statistical Abstract of the United States

* See also Search Engines section.


Pearson/Allyn and Bacon Speech Communication Texts
Guilford Press
Sage Publications
SUNY Press
Wadsworth Publishing
Waveland Press


Associations, Divisions, and Listservs

Union of International Associations

National and International Associations
American Psychological Association
American Sociological Association
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Association of Internet Researchers
Broadcast Education Association
Canadian Communication Association
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
European Speech Communication Association
International Association of Business Communicators
International Communication Association
International Listening Association
International Personnel Management Association International Speech Communication Association
International Telecommunication Union
Modern Language Association
National Association of Broadcasters
National Communication Association
National Council on Family Relations
Oral History Association
Public Relations Society of America
Society for Technical Communication
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction
World Communication Association 

Regional and State Communication Associations

Central States Communication Association
Eastern Communication Association
Southern States Communication Association
Western States Communication Association
To Find State Communication Associations
Association Divisions

Division of Media Studies (WSCA)
The Group Communication Division (NCA)
Health Communication Interest Group (WSCA)
Interpersonal Communication Interest Group (WSCA)
Kenneth Burke Society (SSCA)
Mass Communication Division (SSCA)
Popular Communication Division (SSCA)

Listserv and Web Page Indexes
ARGTHRY Listserv

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