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Your file request

Your CIOS file request: POLCOMM hotline item

Received:  by CIOS Mailer; Monday 15 Apr 1996 12:36:28
Date:          Mon, 15 Apr 96 12:17 -0400
To: "Multiple recipients of POLCOMM" 
Sender: "POLCOMM hotline" 
Reply-to: "POLCOMM hotline" 
Subject:       Media and Politics Textbooks
Precedence:    bulk

In response to my request two weeks ago, I received more than 30 messages
with recommendations of texts to use with undergraduate media and politics
courses. These responses came from instructors with a variety of
backgrounds, but primarily from people who have taught these courses in
political science and communication studies departments.

Here is a summary of the responses (with, in the spirit of Condorcet's jury
theorem, number of recommendations in parentheses):

*Readers Dealing with Media and Politics*

        Doris Graber. _Media Power in Politics_ (5 recommendations)
        Richard Davis. _Politics and the Media_ (1)

*General Textbooks on Media and Politics*

        Ansolabehere, Behr and Iyengar. _The Media Game_ (4)
        Doris Graber. _Mass Media and American Politics_ (4)
        Richard Davis. _The Press and American Politics: The New Mediator_ (3)
        Dean Alger. _The Media and Politics_ (3)

*Books Frequently Assigned in Media and Politics Courses*

        Thomas Patterson. _Out of Order_ (7)
        W. Lance Bennett. _News: The Politics of Illusion_ (4)
        Nimmo & Combs. _Mediated Political Realities_ (3)
        Michael Parenti. _Inventing Reality_ (3)
        James Fallows. _Breaking the News_ (3)
        W. Lance Bennett. _The Governing Crisis_ (2)
        Shanto Iyengar & Donald Kinder. _News That Matters_ (2)
        Kathleen Hall Jamieson. _Dirty Politics_ (2)
        Robert Entman. _Democracy Without Citizens_ (2)
        Matthew Kerbel. _Remote and Controlled_ (2)

*Other Books Related to Media and Politics (one recommendation each)*

        Charles Lewis. _The Buying of the President_
        Pam Shoemaker. _Gatekeeping_
        Howard Kurtz. _Media Circus_
        Michael Medved. _Hollywood vs. America_
        Craig L. LaMay and Everette E. Dennis. _Media and the Environment_
        Herbert Altschull. _Agents of Power: The Media and Public Policy_
        Mallory Wober and Barrie Gunter. _Television and Social Control_
        Judy McGregor. _Dangerous Democracy_
        Barry Brummett. _Rhetoric in Popular Culture_
        Neil Postman. _Amusing Ourselves to Death_
        Neuman, Just & Crigler. _Common Knowledge_
        Muriel Cantor. _Prime Time Television_
        Curtis Gans. _What's News_
        Jan Vermeer. _In Media Res_
        Shanto Iyengar. _Is Anyone Responsible_
        Murry Edelman. _Constructing the Political Spectacle_
        Herman & Chomsky. _Manufactured Consent_
        Larry King. _On the Line_

Thank you to everyone who responded.


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