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Bring CIOS / Comserve to your institution

CIOS Institutional Affiliates Program

Please note: The following description is applicable only for educational institutions. Commercial organizations interested in extending CIOS access to all organizational network users should write to the CIOS for details. Write to:

Affiliation with the CIOS is inexpensive and brings the following resources to your institution, campus-wide. Use the form below to register.

• Use ComIndex Online to search an openURL-enabled census-level bibliographic database containing articles from the core communication literature.

• Search, download, and read articles from the "Electronic Journal of Communication/ La Revue Electronique de Communication", the first peer reviewed electronic scholarly journal in the social sciences. In publication since 1990, EJC features articles by the field's top scholars.

• Access ComVista to locate top programs of study and top scholars in core areas of the field. ComVista indexes more than 800 programs of study in communication and more than 10,000 faculty. Find programs by state and by stature.

----------------------------------------------------- Registration Form: Clip & Print ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: Please attach a list of numeric Internet address stems for your institution. For example, numeric Internet addresses for your organization might begin with either 128.113., 206.44., or 129.111. Your institution's computer center or reference librarians will be able to supply this information.

CIOS/Comserve Institutional Affiliate Registration Form

Please print clearly

Date: _____________

Contact name: ______________________________________ Email : ____________________________

Name of institution: ____________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________


Phone number: ______________________________________

Range of IP addresses for your institution (e.g., through -- if you're not sure, please check with your
campus reference librarians or your computer support center):


Registration options (check one item below):

Note: Basic institutional affiliation is $300.00 for twelve months.(1) Advanced affiliation provides basic affiliation plus personal access to the ComAbstracts database for designated individuals from your institution designated as "CIOS Associates".

____ Basic: $300.00 (all basic services for everyone at your institution)

____ Advanced, Level 1: $340.00 (basic services plus one CIOS associate membership)

____ Advanced, Level 2: $420.00 (basic services plus three CIOS associate memberships)

____ Advanced, Level 3: $500.00 (basic services plus five CIOS associate memberships)

Note: For advanced registration, please attach names and email addresses of recipients of CIOS associate memberships.

Checks, money orders, or purchase orders (in U.S. currency only) should be payable to:

The CIOS U.S. federal employer identification number is:

The CIOS is a U.S. Federal Tax Code 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

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CIOS Affiliates
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
P. O. Box 57
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Phone: 518-887-2443


(1) Access must be from accounts on institutional computer systems or computers attached to an institutional network. Price is for educational institutions only and subject to change. Contact the CIOS for information about institutional access outside of the educational domain.