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CIOS Membership Program

The CIOS membership program provides a way for individuals to support CIOS activities.
A variety of benefits are available to those who elect to contribute.

Description of Benefits:
• Access to the CIOS's premier ComAbstracts database with doubly keyworded abstracts for more than 100,000 articles and books from core scholarly journals in communication, mass media, rhetoric, and journalism with coverage beginning in 1915. (Please note that as an abstracts database, ComAbstracts does not contain full articles. In the case of institutional subscriptions ComAbstracts results may be linked via openURL technology to full text of articles to which the institution has access via other means. For individual memberships it is not possible to provide such links.)
• Access to interactive tables of contents for all issues of communication journals
• Access to all content of the Electronic Journal of Communication
• Access to the ComUpdate interface to ComAbstracts
• Access to the ComVista database
• Perhaps most importantly, your membership in the CIOS helps support our effort to provide high quality services at affordable prices, to counter the effects of skyrocketing costs of access to the field's literature. The take over by the for-profit sector of virtually all scholarly publishing and databases has resulted in runaway pricing, reduced access to communication scholarship, damaged library collections, and eroded public trust in academic scholarship and in public support of research. Your support for the CIOS's not-for-profit services helps to assure a better future.

How to Join:
Membership are for one year and cost $50.00. Send questions about the CIOS membership program to:

To register as a member of the CIOS, you can send check, money order or institutional purchase order.

You can also pay by credit card. Just click the PayPal "Buy Now" button below to securely purchase your CIOS Membership. Before purchasing with PayPal, please be sure to review the membership benefits listed above.

Please do not send cash. If you choose to pay by check, money order, or institutional purchase order, include your name, phone number, and email address in a note accompanying your payment and mail to:

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
P.O. Box 57
Rotterdam Junction, NY 12150 USA

Funds should be in US currency only and payable to CIOS.

The CIOS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), organization.

Send an email to confirming that you have mailed your membership payment. You will be notified by email when your order has been processed.

About the CIOS:

The Communication Institute for Online Scholarship not-for-profit organization supporting the use of computer and information technologies in the service of communication-related scholarship and education worldwide. Individuals support the activities of the CIOS by becoming members of the CIOS.

The CIOS provides premier educational and research databases at very low cost and pursues innovative uses of information technology for the benefit of scholars and students of communication.

Institutions (principally departments of communication, media, rhetoric, journalism, as well as libraries and computer centers) support the activities of the the CIOS by becoming institutional affiliates of the CIOS.

All proceeds from CIOS membership programs are used in support of CIOS scholarly services. If you have questions or comments about the CIOS and its services, you can write to or call 518-887-2443.