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ComIndex Price Information

Please note: Prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change without notice.

For individuals: ComIndex systems for personal use by a single individual are available for purchase at $50.00. Order online here.

For academic departments: A department license allows installation and personal use of ComIndex on home and office computers of all full time regular department faculty members. This license is priced at $340.00 for first time purchase. Update copies are available for $180.00. Standing orders (i.e., annual updates are shipped and invoiced automatically) are available for this license.

For libraries: A library license allows installation and use of ComIndex on up to five single-user library computers for a base of $340.00. Update copies are available for $180.00. Alternatively, the base five-user ComIndex system can be installed on a library LAN system if access can be limited to five simultaneous users and access is restricted to systems located within the library building and its branch buildings. Additional copies for single-user computers located in libraries or additional library LAN accesses can be added at $50.00 each. Standing orders are available for this license.

For entire university/college populations: An institutional license grants permission for a university or college agency (e.g., library, information technology unit, or academic department) to distribute copies of ComIndex to any institutional personnel --- faculty member, student, or staff --- for personal use. The license includes permission to make and distribute copies of the documentation and software to qualified individuals and to make ComIndex publicly available in the university library. This license costs $1,000.00 but is discounted 20% to institutions that are members of the CIOS institutional affiliates program (providing access to other research and educational services over the Internet). Standing orders are available for this license. Note: Annual updates are not discounted for institutional licenses.

Other organizations and situations: Custom quotations are available for licenses covering conditions of use not included above. To request a custom quotation, email to: or call 518-887-2443.

Software Update Policy:

The Communication Institute for Online Scholarship issues annual updates to ComIndex. An update is an entire system replacement and may include new interface software in addition to updated journal indexes. The ComIndex update program is available on automatic subscription (standing order) for academic departments and libraries.

Journals and Annuals Indexed

Note: Except for Philosophy and Rhetoric, Free Speech Yearbook, Journalism Monographs, Semiotica, Argumentation and Advocacy (JAFA), and Journal of Business Communication (which are indexed from their first volume in the 1960s), indexes are from inauguration of journal or 1970, which ever is more recent. The index extends through the most recent volume completed by spring 2001 depending on availability of source materials.

Advances in Discourse Processes
Advances in Telematics
American Journalism
Argumentation and Advocacy
Asian Journal of Communication
Australian Journal of Communication
Australian Studies in Journalism
Canadian Journal of Communication
Communication Education
Communication Law and Policy
Communication Monographs
Communication Quarterly
Communication Reports
Communication Research
Communication Research Reports
Communication Studies
Communication Theory
Communication Yearbook
Critical Studies in Mass Communication
Discourse Processes
Discourse and Society
Electronic Journal of Communication
European Journal of Communication
Free Speech Yearbook
Harvard Int. Journal of Press Politics
Health Communication
Howard Journal of Communication
Human Communication Research
Information, Communication and Society
Issues in Applied Linguistics
Journal of Applied Communication Research
Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
Journal of Business and Technical Communication
Journal of Business Communication
Journal of Communication
Journal of Communication and Religion
Journal of the International Listening Association
Journal of Family Communication
Journal of Language and Social Psychology
Journal of Mass Media Ethics
Journal of Media Economics
Journal of Mediated Communication
Journal of Public Relations Research
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
Journalism History
Journalism Monographs
Journalism and Communication Monographs
Journalism and Mass Communication Monographs
Journalism Quarterly
Language and Communication
Management Communication Quarterly
Mass Comm Review
Mass Communication and Society
Media, Culture and Society
Media Studies Journal
Media Psychology
Nordicom Review
Organization Communication: Emerging Perspectives
Operant Subjectivity
Philosophy and Rhetoric
Political Communication
Progress in Communication Sciences
Public Opinion Quarterly
Public Relations Research and Education
Public Relations Research Review
Quarterly Journal of Speech
Research in Language and Social Interaction
Rhetoric and Public Affairs
Rhetoric Review
Small Group Research
Southern Speech Communication Journal
Studies in Communications
Western Journal of Communication
Women's Studies in Communication
Written Communication

Comparison with Other Indexes

How is ComIndex different from other academic indexes your library may already support?

Psychological Abstracts, PsycLit, and PsycInfo: These sources include only a fraction of the the 80+ titles covered by ComIndex. In addition, they supply only selective coverage -- not all articles in a journal are included. Articles are "specifically and individually selected based on their relevance to psychology".

Humanities Index, Philosopher's Index, and Social Science Index: These sources together cover less than 20 of the titles covered in ComIndex.

UMI "ProQuest", "Research I", and "Research II": Research II, the most comprehensive UMI product, covers less than half the titles included in ComIndex. Most titles are not indexed before 1990.

Communication Abstracts: Communication Abstracts does not index a standard set of journals. Like Psychological Abstracts, Communication Abstracts employs selective coverage (not every article in a journal issue is selected for inclusion). Only a short span of coverage of Communication Abstracts is available in electronic form. A single year's subscription to Communication Abstracts costs more than a personal copy of ComIndex and, at the library or institutional rate, a year's subscription to Communication Abstracts costs more than a library or department license for ComIndex. (Comprehensive abstracts collections for 53 journals covered within ComIndex can be searched electronically using the CIOS's Web search service.)

Current Contents: This source includes less than 30 of the titles covered in ComIndex. Bibliographic information is incomplete --- one cannot determine an article's full citation from the information provided in Current Contents. Current Contents limits its scope to recent issues of journals.

OCLC ContentsFirst: The OCLC databases cover approximately half the titles covered in ComIndex. Bibliographic information is incomplete --- one cannot determine an article's full citation from the information provided in OCLC searches. ContentsFirst limits its scope to recent issues of journals.

ERIC: ERIC cover approximately one third the titles covered in ComIndex.

Unique Features

ComIndex supports full Boolean search logic and provides context sensitive online help and pop-up keyword dictionaries to assist novice searchers. ComIndex tracks co-occurrence links between concepts (e.g., the term "television" often co-occurrs with the term "violence") and authors (e.g., "Smith" frequently publishes with "Jones"). This unique feature allows the user to discover interrelationships of concepts and ideas and makes transparent cooperative relationships among authors (sometimes referred to as "invisible colleges"). ComIndex's author frequency sort may also be used to explore publication rates and practices within the communication field.

Please note: ComIndex is a bibliographic index; it does not include abstracts. Institutions and individuals subscribing to CIOS web services can search abstracts for selected journals covered by ComIndex. Call the CIOS for information or contact the CIOS web site:

About the CIOS

The Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS) is a U.S. Federal Tax Code 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting the use of computer and information technologies in the service of communication scholarship and education. The CIOS also maintains the communication discipline's online information and conference service at, serving communication scholars and students worldwide since 1986. Call the CIOS at 518-887-2443 (voice) or 518-887-5186 (fax).

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