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Below is an index to the publications included in COSMIC that introduce new measures. Where they occur, critiques, revisions and other derivative and related works can be located by clicking through to the full record display. Resources discussing new methods of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods analysis, or innovations in research design, do not appear here but are cataloged separately in the research methodology category of the Browse by Subject feature above. Check back often as updates are continuous.


 AA-Med Scale
 Acculturation Level Instrument
 Adolescent Pragmatics Screening Scale (APSS)
 Adolescent Television Relations Measurement Instrument (ATRMI)
 Advertisement-Evoked Mental Imagery Scale
 Advertising Attitudes Dimensionality Scale (AADS)
 Affect for Communication Channels Scale (ACCS)
 Affectionate Communication Index (ACI)
 Affinity Seeking Short Form
 Affinity-Seeking Instrument (ASI)
 Alexithymia Instrument
 Arguing Goals Scale
 Argument Repertoire (AR)
 Attentiveness Measure (ATT)
 Attitude Instability Scale
 Attitudes Toward Languages (AToL) Scale
 Attitudes Toward Suicide
 Attitudes Toward Website Design Scale
 Audience Persona Interaction (API) Scale
 Audience Response to Performance of Text Scale
 Authoritativeness and Character Scales for the Measurement of Ethos


 Beach Method
 Behavioral Indicants of Immediacy Scale (BII); General Immediacy Scale (GI)
 Beliefs on EFL Listening Abilities (BELLA)
 Bock Rating Scale
 Boundary Expansion Scale
 Brand Sustainability Measure


 Child's Self-Report of Parasocial Relationships
 Chinese Teacher Immediacy Scale (CTIS)
 Chinese Traditionalism-Modernity Orientation Q-Sort
 Class Apprehension about Participation Scale (CAPS)
 Classroom Audience Response Analysis Instrument
 Clatterbuck Uncertainty Evaluation Scale--CLUES (CL-65); CLUES (CL-7)
 Co-Cultural Theory Scales (C-CTS)
 Cognitive Communication Competence Scale (CCCS)
 College Self-Expression Scale (CSES)
 Communication and Physical Environment Scale (CAPES)
 Communication Anxiety Inventory (CAI)
 Communication Based Emotional Support Scale (CBESS)
 Communication Competency Assessment Instrument (CCAI)
 Communication Flexibility Scale
 Communication Locus of Control Scale (CLCS)
 Communication of Affect Receiving Ability Test (CARAT)
 Communication Responses to Jealousy (CRJ) Scale
 Communicative Adaptability Scale (CAS)
 Communicative Competence Scale (CCS)
 Communicative Knowledge Scale (CKS)
 Communicator Competence Questionnaire
 Community Attitude Assessment Scale (CAAS)
 Compliance-Gaining Strategies Coding Decision Tree
 Comprehensive Health Activities Scale
 Conjugal Understanding Measure
 Contradictions in End-of-Life Communication (CEOLC) Scale
 Contradictory Health Message Exposure Index
 Cross-Cultural Negotiation Contrast Index (CCNCI)


 Democratic-Autocratic Leadership Style Identification Instrument
 Diction Scale
 Differentials for Affect-analysis of Background Music Scales
 Disaster Hazard and Outrage Scale
 Disputing Process Instrument (DPI)
 Doctor-Patient Communication Inventory (DPCI)
 Dyadic Interaction Coding Technique


 EDA (electrodermal activity) Positive Change (EPC)
 eHealth Engagement Scale
 Empathy Response Scale (ERS)
 Enjoyment of Frightening Films (EFF) Scale
 Experience of Parasocial Interaction (EPSI) Scale


 Facebook Relational Maintenance Measure
 Facial and Linguistic Cues Responsivity Instrument
 Family Communication Environment Scale (FCES)
 Family Communication Patterns (FCP) Instrument
 Family Sex Communication Quotient (FSCQ) Scale
 Fear-of-Intimacy Scale (FIS)
 Feedback Rating Instrument
 Feeling Connected via Television Viewing (FCTV) Scale
 Film Analyticity Scale (FAS)
 Friendship Qualities Scale


 General Immediacy Scale (GI); Behavioral Indicants of Immediacy Scale (BII)
 Generalized Communicative Suspicion (GCS) Scale
 Group Attitude Scale (GAS)
 Group Therapy Outcome Instrument (GTOI)
 Guilt-Inducing Instrument


 Health Information Adequacy and Uncertainty Reduction Index
 Healthy-Unhealthy Other Instrument
 High and Low Context Attributional Confidence Scale


 Immediacy in Online Learning Instrument
 Index of Respondent Burden
 Index of Teachers' Affective Communication (ITAC)
 Individual Media Dependency (IMD) Model, Broadcast Teleparticipation Effects Scale
 Information Control Scale
 Information Search Efficacy Scale
 Innovativeness Scale
 Interaction Behavior Measure (IBM)
 Interaction Involvement Scale
 Internet Connectedness Index (ICI)
 Internet Social Capital Scales (ISCS)
 Interpersonal Communication Competence Scale (ICCS)
 Interpersonal Communication Motives (ICM) Scale
 Interpersonal Communication Satisfaction Inventory
 Intranet Checklist
 Investments and Commitment Scales
 Involvement Scale (part of the Affect, Reason, and Involvement (ARI)
 Iowa Communication Record (ICR)


 Knowledge Management in Virtual Communities Instrument
 Krayer and Fiechtner Group Maturity Instrument


 Lifetime Television Exposure (LTE) Scale
 Listening Fidelity Measure
 Listening Styles Profile (LSP-16)
 Living Level Scale


 Management Communication Style (MCS) Instrument
 Management of Meaning Scale
 Managerial Listening Survey (MLS)
 Mandarin Health Literacy Scale (MHLS)
 Marital Communication Inventory (MCI)
 Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (MC-SDS)
 Media Diet Imbalance (MDI) Score (general media); Partisan Media Diet Imbalance (PMDI) Score (specific media)
 Media for Democracy Monitor (MDM)
 Media Information Processing Scale (MIPS)
 Media Satisfaction Scale
 Media Scientific Literacy Questionnaire
 Media Usage for Purchases Instrument (MUPI)
 Medical Communication Competence Scale (MCCS)
 Melodic Syntax Scale
 Message Incentives Scale
 Mishel Uncertainty in Illness Scale (MUIS)
 Modes of Reception Inventory
 Moral Interpretation of Interpersonal Violence (MIIV) Scale
 Movie Attendance Motivations Scale
 Multidimensional Model of Online Attention


 Narrative Coherence and Fidelity Measure
 Need for Levity (NFL) Scale
 NIU (Northern Illinois University) Listening Exam
 Nonverbal Immediacy Scale (NIS)
 Normative Message Processing Scale (NMPS)
 Nurse Interaction Instrument


 Open Communicator Instrument
 Organization-Public Relationship Instrument
 Organizational Assimilation Index (OAI)
 Organizational Communication Conflict Instrument (OCCI)
 Organizational Leadership Scale
 Organizational Negotiations Coding Scheme
 Organizational Orientations Scales


 Parental Privacy Invasions; Children's Defensive Instrument
 Parental Stress Scale
 Patient Self-Advocacy Scale (PSAS)
 Patient-Family Communication Instrument
 Patients' Report of Communication Apprehension with Physicians (PRCAP)
 Peer Relations Memory and Conflict Response Scale
 Perceived Argument Strength Scale
 Perceived Behavioral Indicants of Immediacy (BII) Scale; Generalized
 Perceived Homophily Scale
 Perceived Power Scales (PPS)
 Perceived Target Trustworthiness Scale
 Perceived Understanding Instrument (PUI)
 Perception of Group Dynamics Instrument
 Perceptual Response Inventory (PRI)
 Personal and Historical Nostalgia Scale
 Personal Report of Communication Apprehension for College Students (PRCA-College); Personal Report of Communication for Tenth Graders (PRCA-Ten); Personal Report of Communication Apprehension for Seventh Graders (PRCA-Seven); and Personal Report of Public Speaking Apprehension (PRPSA)
 Personal Report of Communication Apprehension-Organization Form
 Personal Report of Intercultural Communication Apprehension (PRICA)
 Persuasibility Test
 Point of Regard (POR) Scale
 Political Attitudes Scale
 Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) Scales
 Power Orientation Scale
 Powerfulness Scale
 Predispositions toward Verbal Behavior
 Predispositions toward Verbal Behavior (PVB) Scale II
 Preschool Reunion Behavior Measure (PRBM)
 Presidential Popularity Three-Wave Panel Survey
 Primary Characters Recognition Scale
 PSI-Process Scales
 Psychosocial Intimacy Questionnaire (PIQ)
 Public Relations Strategy Assessment (PRSA)
 Public Speaking Rating Scales (PSRS)


 Rahim Organizational Conflict Instrument I (ROCI-I)
 Rasch Model Loneliness Scale
 Rathus Assertiveness Schedule (RAS)
 Rating Scale for Public Speakers
 Rational and Social Cognitive Orientation Scale
 Reactance Restoration Scale (RRS)
 Receiver Apprehension Test (RAT)
 Receptivity to Green Advertising Scale (REGRAD)
 Relational Cognition Complexity Instrument (RCCI)
 Relational Communication Instrument
 Relational Dimensions Instrument (RDI), (Fitzpatrick, 1976)
 Relational Maintenance Communication Scale (RMCS)
 Relational Repair Scale
 Relationship Stage Index (two separate scales): Escalating Scale and
 Relative Power Measure (RPM)
 Reporting of Genetics Discoveries (RGD) Scale
 Reticence Scale
 Rhetorical Sensitivity Scale (RHETSEN)
 Risk in Intimacy Inventory (RII)
 Risk Perception Index
 Romantic Beliefs Scale
 Romantic Couples' Relational Maintenance Behaviors Instrument
 Ross-DeWine Conflict Management Message Style (CMMS) Scale


 Sad Films Scale
 Sales Communication Instrument
 SEEK-SEEK Beliefs Scales
 Self-Construal Scale
 Self-Development Project Check List-90 (SDPL-90)
 Self-Monitoring Scale (SM)
 Self-Perceived Communication Competence Scale
 Sensitivity to Feedback Scale (SFS)
 Sexual Harassment Proclivity Index (SHPI)
 Social Networks Inventory (SNI)
 Social Reticence Scale (SRS)
 Social Support Questionnaire (SSQ)
 Sojourner Self-Efficacy in Communication (SSEC) Scale
 Solidarity Scale
 Source Credibility of Newscasters Semantic Differential Scales
 Spanish Oral Health Literacy Scale (SOHLS)
 Speech Anxiety Inventory
 Speech Evaluation Instrument (SEI)
 SSRS Continuance-Resistance Scale
 Staff Attitudes Toward Patients Instrument
 State Empathy Scale
 Structure-Based Measure of Centrality
 Structured Interview for Social Service Volunteer Selection
 Student Evaluation of Communication Courses (SECC) Instrument
 Student Intellectual Stimulation Scale (SISS)
 Student Perceptions of Instructor Understanding Scale (SPIUS)
 Szalay-Lysne Attitude Index


 Talkaholic Scale
 Teacher Communication Concern (TCC) Scale
 Teacher Confirmation Scale (TCS)
 Teacher Credibility Instrument
 Teacher Power Use Scale; Power Base Measure (Roach, 1995)
 Teacher Relevance Scale
 Teacher Self-Disclosure Scale
 Teacher Technology Policies Instrument (TTPI)
 Team Listening Environment Scale (TLE Scale)
 Telephone Apprehension Measure (TAM)
 The Argumentativeness Scale
 The Image Measure
 Trust in News Media Scale
 Truth + Brand Equity Scale


 UCLA Loneliness Scale
 Unanimity Symptom Coding Scheme
 Unwillingness-to-Communicate Scale
 User Perceived Media Interactivity Scale


 Value-, Outcome-, and Impression-Relevant Involvement Scales
 Verbal Aggressiveness Scale
 Vocalic Sensitivity Test


 Wheeless-Grotz Self-Disclosure Scale
 Willingness to Communicate about Health (WTCH) Scale
 Workforce Diversity Questionnaire
 Workplace Communication Behavior Inventory