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by Timothy Stephen

Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to stay abreast of advances in your areas of concern in the communication field? ComUpdate is the solution. Use ComUpdate to scan and summarize all newly published articles in your areas of focus. When you see an item of interest in the scan result, click its title to view the full abstract. Those accessing from institutions at which the library has registered an openURL server can click through to full text. Individuals with personal memberships in the CIOS can set the system to show only those articles added since they preformed a prior search.

Welcome to ComUpdate!

The communication field's core academic literature grows by thousands of new articles and books each year. It is critical for communication professionals and students to keep abreast of new developments. In times past, faculty and students might visit their university library's current periodicals room several times a year and examine the tables of contents of all newly displayed journal issues. But the number of journals published within the field's core literature is now so large that it is not only impossible for any one library to subscribe to it all but, moreover, it is impossible to scan and filter such an immense literature manually. The ComUpdate system helps solve this problem.

  • Every article and book record that is added to CIOS databases is classified by staff using a controlled dictionary of classification terms (metaterms) developed through statistical study of the communication field's core literature. Examples of these terms include: interpersonal, presidential figures, computer, health, organizational, political elections, classical rhetoric, print journalism, China and others. New article and book records are continually classified and added to CIOS databases throughout the year.
  • The ComUpdate system allows you to select up to two classification terms (metaterms) and specify the time range of the search (only articles from the most recently added issue of each journal, the most recently added volume, articles added this calendar year, etc.) The search result displays in short summary form all the newly added records that have been classified using the terms you select. The journal name, article title and authors, and the first sentence of the article abstract are displayed in a condensed newspaper format permitting a compact presentation that can be quickly scanned. When you see an article of interest, click the title to view the full record. If you are accessing CIOS databases from a CIOS subscriber institution that has registered its openURL server, you'll be able to click through to full text through library holdings or interlibrary loan. Repeat this quick process twice a year to stay abreast of your areas of interest.
  • For those who have personal memberships in the CIOS (click here for information), an additional and very powerful feature is available. ComUpdate will remember when you last used it and optionally restrict its search result to only materials added since your last search. In this way you will never be presented with an article to review that you have already seen.