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Timothy Stephen

Timothy Stephen is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University at Albany (SUNY) and president of the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship. In his work with the CIOS he has directed the development of the world's oldest and largest discipline-focused electronic center, supporting research and pedagogy in the field of human communication. Professor Stephen has served on the editorial boards of a range of scholarly journals and has published in several focus areas during his career. These include the theory of communication in intimacy, research methodology and tests and measures, the history of interpersonal communication, and the electronic revolution in scholarly communication. His current research focuses on studies of scholarly communication in the communication field, studies of productivity patterns in the field, innovation in the computer-assisted analysis of textual data, and the development of new electronic tools for scholarship. Professor Stephen is the originator of Academic Serials in Communication - Unified System (ASCUS), a SPARC endorsed "Scientific Communities" effort designed (a) to fight the library-crippling trend toward the commercialization of journal publishing in the communication field and (b) to increase the global reach of the literature of the communication field by creating less expensive access. With Teresa Harrison, Timothy Stephen is co-creator of the CIOS itself, and of the Electronic Journal of Communication, the first peer reviewed electronic scholarly journal in the social sciences.