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by Timothy Stephen

Are you looking for a top program for undergraduate or graduate study in communication or journalism? Do you need to evaluate your program's national standing and impact? ComVista shows you the institutions where exciting new knowledge about communication is being created in the United States and Canada. It utilizes data from the CIOS's ComAbstracts database, a database that uniquely maintains a focus that is purely within the boundaries of the field of communication and journalism as it is understood by the scholars and students who comprise it. ComVista and ComAbstracts are expanded and updated with new information throughout the year. ComVista is available for library and institutional subscription at low cost as an addition to a ComAbstracts subscription, and to those with personal CIOS memberships.

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A Guide to Leading Programs of Study and Research Productivity in Communication and Journalism

ComVista is a guide to programs of study in communication-related departments in North American higher education. ComVista can help you make better decisions about places to work or study and it can assist in the evaluation of a program's impact in the field. Click here for important background information about ComVista. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this information before you use the service.

1. Use ComVista to find information on colleges and universities by state or province. Select a state or province and you'll be shown a list of all 4 year colleges and universities with substantial communication or journalism departments. Select an institutional profile to view a summary of the significant research specialties of faculty who work in the communication-related programs within the institution.

Or select the option to view a profile of departments and faculty. You'll be shown a roster of communication-related departments and faculty teaching courses in them. Select a faculty member within a department and you'll be able to review all his or her published research appearing in the CIOS's comprehensive ComAbstracts database (personal or institutional subscription required).

2. Use ComVista to locate colleges and universities that are leading centers for research in the field's primary areas of study. Select an area of research and you will be shown a ranked list of the top institutions associated with published research on the selected topic.

There are many factors that make a great program of study in communication. Research activity is one of them. ComVista helps you discover where that activity is occurring currently. You may wish to check back from time to time. The service is updated regularly based on new data.