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Call for Papers

Metrics and Ranking Issues in Communication

Issue Editor:

Thomas Hugh Feeley

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

With frozen or shrinking budgets in higher education, there is more need than ever before to measure and benchmark productivity, quality, and influence in the field of communication using valid and replicable metrics. At the same time, although there are a variety of metrics and ranking algorithms used in research on higher education, there are few opportunities in the field to consider the utility, relevance, and use of these measurement systems within the context of the discipline of communication. It is particularly important to understand both individual metrics and evaluation systems as they relate to promotion, ranking, and other important empirical comparisons. This issue of EJC ( thus focuses on the topic of metrics and ranking issues in the discipline of communication and invites manuscripts that contribute to what we know about evaluating teaching, research, degree programs, and journals.

Manuscripts may take a variety of empirical or theoretical perspectives; topics may include, but are not restricted to, the following areas:

  • publication records,
  • ranking programs/departments,
  • scholar influence [e.g., H-index],
  • citation analysis,
  • benchmarking productivity (e.g., by rank, degree cohort),
  • journal quality indices,
  • productivity issues for teaching faculty, and
  • comparative analyses (e.g., networks) of conference divisions or editorial boards.

    Manuscripts should target approximately 25 pages in length before references and should adhere to APA (6th ed.) guidelines.

    The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is October 1, 2011. Submit electronic articles as an attachment using doc, docx, pdf, or rtf format. Address all manuscripts and queries to Thomas Feeley (