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Electronic Journal of Communication

Teresa M. Harrison, Ph.D.
University at Albany (SUNY)
Managing Editor

The Electronic Journal of Communication / La Revue Electronique de Communication launched in 1990 as one of the first five peer reviewed electronically distributed scholarly journals in world history and the first ever in the social sciences. EJC/REC is devoted to the study of communication theory, research, practice, and policy. Consistent with the public trust of academic research, all issues older than one year are freely available for unrestricted worldwide access.


Volume 29 (3-4) 2019:
Digital Interactions in Social Spaces: Proxemics, Digital Media, and Human-Machine Communication
Edited by John A. McArthur

Volume 29 (1-2) 2019:
Image is the New Text: The Rise of Digital Visuals in Communication
Edited by Terri Towner

Volume 28 (1-2) 2018:
Journalism in the Age of Partisan Politics, Political Protests, and President Trump
Edited by Jenn Burleson Mackay

Volume 27 (1-2) 2017:
Risk, Crisis, Emergency, and Disaster: On Discourse, Materiality, and Consequentiality of Communication
Edited by Mariaelena Bartesaghi

Volume 26 (3-4) 2016:
Impact of Technology on Interpersonal Relationships
Edited by Teresa Heinz Housel and Vickie L. Harvey

Volume 26 (1-2) 2016:
Independently Contributed Research Papers
Edited by Teresa Harrison

Volume 25 (3-4) 2015:
Emotions and Organizations
Edited by Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik

Volume 25 (1-2) 2015:
The Slow Drip of Change: Gender Relations of Caring and Earnings
Edited by Caryn E. Medved

Volume 24 (3-4) 2014:
Independently Contributed Research Papers
Edited by Teresa Harrison

Volume 24 (1-2) 2014:
Geo-located media: Reflections on Hybrid, Physical and Digital Spaces
Edited by Frederico Casalegno and Andrea Kavanaugh

Volume 23 (4) 2013:
Culture, Technology and Globalization in the Information Age
Edited by Shaheed Nick Mohammed

Volume 23 (3) 2013:
Independently Contributed Research Papers
Edited by Teresa Harrison

Volume 23 (1-2) 2013:
Videoconferencing in Practice: 21st Century Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by Sean Rintel

Volume 22 (3-4) 2012:
Social Construction -- Re-Opening the Conversation, Re-constituting the possibilities
Edited by Mariaelena Bartesaghi

Volume 22 (1-2) 2012:
Metrics and Ranking Issues in Communication
Edited by Thomas Hugh Feeley

Volume 21 (3-4) 2011:
Learning from the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis
Edited by William J. Kinsella

Volume 21 (1-2) 2011:
Social Media in News Discourse
Edited by Donald Matheson

Volume 20 (3-4) 2010:
The Internet in China and Chinese Society
Edited by Randy Kluver and Teresa M. Harrison

Volume 20 (1-2) 2010:
Communication Pedagogy in the Age of Social Media
Edited by Corinne Weisgerber and Shannan H. Butler

Volume 19 (3-4) 2009:
New Directions in Communication and Sport
Edited by Jeffrey Kassing and Jimmy Sanderson

Volume 19 (1-2) 2009:
New Technologies and Interaction: Contradiction or Symbiosis
Edited by Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz

Volume 18 (2-4) 2008:
Irony and Politics
Edited by Megan Boler and Ted Gournelos

Volume 18 (1) 2008:
News Framing in a New Media Age
Edited by Paul D'Angelo

Volume 17 (3-4) 2007:
Independently Contributed Research Papers

Volume 17 (1-2) 2007:
Communicative Ecologies
Edited by Greg Hearn and Marcus Foth

Volume 16 (3-4) 2006:
Communication and the Accomplishment of Personal and Professional Life
Edited by Erika Kirby

Volume 16 (1-2) 2006:
New Media in Education
Edited by Concetta M. Stewart and Catherine C. Schifter

Volume 15 (3-4) 2005:
Independently Contributed Research Papers

Volume 15 (1-2) 2005:
Communication, Culture, and Praxis
Edited by Fay Sudweeks and Charls Ess

Volume 14 (3-4) 2004:
Electronic Networks and Politics
Edited by Nicolas Jankowski

Volume 14 (1-2) 2004:
Criticism and Social Action: The Rhetorical Dimensions of Electronic Texts
Edited by Barbara Warnick and Laura Gurak

Volume 13 (4) 2004:
Communication and Social Change
Edited by Nina Gregg

Volume 13 (2-3) 2003:
African American Communication Experiences: A Unique Mosaic of Contemporary Social Life
Edited by Anne Maydan Nicotera

Volume 13 (1) 2003:
The Interpersonal Internet
Edited by Nancy K. Baym

Volume 12 (3-4) 2002:
Liberation in Cyberspace...Or Computer-Mediated Colonization
Edited by Fay Sudweeks and Charles Ess

Volume 12 (1-2) 2002:
A Digital Divide? Facts and Explanations.
Edited by Jan van Dijk

Volume 11 (3-4) 2001:
Health Communication and Information Technology
Edited by Gary Kreps

Volume 11 (2) 2001:
Community Networking: Mapping the Electronic Commons
Edited by Joseph Schmitz

Volume 11 (1) 2001:
Synthesizing Theory and Research in Interpersonal and Mass Communication
Edited by Elizabeth M. Perse

Volume 10 (3-4) 2000:
Communication Perspectives on Work and Family
Edited by Annis G. Golden

Volume 10 (1-2) 2000:
Communication as a Constitutive Process in Organizing and Organizations
Edited by Thomas C. Dixon

Volume 9 (2-4) 1999:
Exemplars of the Use of Sense-Making Methodology
Edited by Kathleen D. Clark and Brenda Dervin

Volume 9 (1) 1999:
Computer Mediated Communication as a Teaching Method
Edited by Dudley D. Cahn

Volume 8 (3&4) 1998:
Cultural Attitudes toward Technology and Communication
Edited by Fay Sudweeks and Charles Ess

Volume 8 (2) 1998:
The Future of the Internet
Edited by Peter White

Volume 8 (1) 1998:
Communication and Organizational Democracy
Edited by George Cheney, Dennis Mumby, Cynthia Stohl, and Teresa Harrison

Volume 7 (4) 1997:
The Impact of the Internet on Journalism III
Edited by Elliot King

Volume 7 (3) 1997:
The Impact of the Internet on Journalism II
Edited by Elliot King

Volume 7 (2) 1997:
The Impact of the Internet on Journalism I
Edited by Elliot King

Volume 7 (1) 1997:
Communication and Ethics, Part II
Edited by Lea Stewart

Volume 6 (4) 1996:
Communication and Ethics, Part I
Edited by Lea Stewart

Volume 6 (3) 1996:
Computer-mediated Discourse Analysis
Edited by Susan Herring

Volume 6 (2) 1996:
Virtual Democracy
Edited by Slavko Splichal

Volume 6 (1) 1996:
The Role of Rhetoric in Contemporary Society
Edited by William L. Benoit

Volume 5 (4) November 1995:
Networked Virtual Realities
Edited by Stephen Doheny-Farina

Volume 5 (2&3) July 1995:
Media flows and Monitoring
Edited by Kaarle Nordenstreng and Jukka Pietilainen

Volume 5 (1) April 1995:
Meaning Making in the Media Environment
Edited by Samuel Becker

Volume 4 (2-4) December 1994:
Magazine Research Perspectives and Prospects
Edited by David Abrahamson

Volume 4 (1) September 1994:
International Media Research in the Wake of Glasnost
Edited by Tom Jacobson

Volume 3 (3&4) December 1993:
Contemporary Issues and Perspectives in Australian Communication Studies
Edited by Bill Ticehurst

Volume 3 (2) April 1993:
Computer Mediated Communication
Edited by Tom Benson

Volume 3 (1) February 1993:
Women and Media in Canada: A Feminist Sampler
Edited by Debra Clarke and Liss Jeffrey

Volume 2 (1) December 1991:
The Media and the Persian Gulf War
Edited by Michael Morgan

Volume 1 (2) May 1991:
The Media and the Meech Lake Constitutional Accord
Edited by James Winter and Claude Martin

Volume 1(1) Summer 1990:
Q Methodology
Edited by Irvin Goldman and Steven R. Brown