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CIOS/Comserve hotline conference system

CIOS/Comserve hotline conference system

Notes for users of the CIOS/Comserve WWW system

The CIOS/Comserve electronic conference system is an e-mail based mass distribution system that is accessible through the CIOS/Comserve e-mail interface.

For each command described below, it is assumed that the reader will send the command to in the body of an e-mail message -- these commands cannot be executed through the CIOS/Comserve WWW system.

WWW users can read most public CIOS/Comserve hotlines without being members of the hotlines through a read-only interface (please see the Browse options under the Hotlines menu). The menus of hotline contributions are updated at least once a day. Certain hotlines -- especially private hotlines and those that require CIOS staff to operate (e.g., CommJobs, NewBooks, and Preview) -- are offered to CIOS members and member institutions as a premium of membership and are not included in the WWW read-only system.

For certain hotlines, the WWW system provides a means for those who are reading hotlines to submit contributions to the hotline membership through a hotline editor. Whether such contributions are published to the entire hotline membership rests with the discretion of the hotline editor.

Comserve's hotline system

Comserve's hotline system links individuals who share interests in the study of human communication processes. Since the study of communication encompasses research and theory across the academic disciplines, contributors to Comserve's hotlines appropriately include scholars, students, and other individuals representing virtually every wavelength in the academic spectrum.

Hotlines provide a way to offer your expertise as a resource person or consultant or to gain expert opinion or help from others including established disciplinary experts. Hotlines are provided that represent many traditional areas of interest for human communication studies (listed in detail below). In addition, one special hotline -- NewsLine -- is available to provide automatic delivery of Comserve's news bulletins when they are issued and another -- CommJobs -- provides automatic delivery of position announcements in communication studies. A third news service -- NewBooks -- conveys information about new and recent publications in communication(s)-related fields and a fourth news service -- Preview -- distributes brief abstracts of advanced scholarly projects, for which authors are willing to provide full reports on request. If you've completed a new scholarly project (paper, research report, computer program, etc.) and are ready to disseminate information to interested individuals from Comserve's international user community, broadcast an abstract with contact information over Comserve's Preview channel. Or simply sign up for preview to keep abreast of new developments in communication scholarship.

A special-purpose hotline, named Intercom, links all of the other hotlines (i.e., all except EJCREC -- The Electronic Journal of Communication) together. If you join any of the regular hotlines, you will automatically be added to Intercom; your subscription to Intercom will be cancelled automatically when you cancel all of your subscriptions to other, regular Hotlines. Intercom provides a channel for distributing announcements that are of general interest within Comserve's community of hotline subscribers without having to send copies separately to each individual hotline. Intercom is an 'edited' hotline, meaning that material is released selectively after being reviewed by CIOS staff.

All material distributed over hotlines is archived by Comserve. Comserve's ISYS full text search system allows you to search this archive to explore previous discussion to locate notes containing any word or phrase. Send this message to Comserve for more information about the ISYS system:

Help Topics ISYS

Communication on a hotline is accomplished by sending electronic mail to the address of the hotline. Comserve monitors these addresses. When mail arrives at a hotline address, Comserve receives the mail and sends copies to all other subscribers. This provides a method that allows those seeking information in a subject area to have quick access to a group of experts. Please note that you must join a hotline before you can send contributions to it. In addition, your contributions must be sent from the same address you used to join the hotline.

Hotline Membership Restrictions

Membership in certain CIOS/Comserve hotlines is restricted to those who are members of the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship or who are accessing CIOS/Comserve services from institutions that are institutional members. In addition, those who are not members and not from member institutions may be restricted in the number of hotlines that can be joined. Finally, those who are not CIOS members and who access Comserve from sites outside the academic community (especially commercial sites identifiable when e-mail addresses end in .COM or .CO.XX where XX is a country code (AU, UK, etc.) or .NET may not be able to join CIOS hotlines at all without a CIOS membership.

Joining hotlines:

        Use Comserve's Join command to become a member of one of the
     hotlines.  The syntax of the Join command is:

               Join name_of_hotline Your_Firstname Your_Lastname

     For example:

               Join MassComm Debra J. Smith

     Be sure to include both your first and last name.

     IMPORTANT:  Be sure that you send your Join command to
        *not* to the
                 hotline itself.  The command must be placed
                 in the body of e-mail.

Reviewing your subscription(s):

         Send this command to Comserve to review the status of your
    hotline subscriptions:

                             Show subscriptions

    Note that the information returned pertains to the address used
    to send the "show subscriptions" command.  If you joined hotlines
    from a different address, those subscriptions will not be listed.

Canceling your subscription(s):

        Use Comserve's Dropout command to cancel a subscription to one
    or more of Comserve's hotlines.  The syntax of the Dropout command

              Dropout Name_of_Hotline

    For example:

              Dropout MassComm

        To cancel *ALL* of your subscriptions, substitute an asterisk
    character ('*') for the name of a hotline or use the word ALL.  For

              Dropout *
              Dropout All

        Use this command cautiously, it will terminate *ALL* of your
    hotline subscriptions.

    IMPORTANT:  Be sure that you send your Dropout command to
                Comserve, *not* to the hotline itself.

More information:

        More information about Comserve's hotline system is available
    through Comserve's topical help system.  Send this command to
    Comserve to receive more information about commands related to the
    hotline system:

              Help Topics Hotlines

Names and descriptions of hotlines:

 Name          Description

I. News services

 NewsLine      Joining this special hotline means that you will
               automatically receive Comserve's news bulletins when they
               are issued.  New news bulletins are issued normally four
               or five times a year.  If you are not a member of
               NewsLine, the news bulletin is sent you when you send a
               command to Comserve.  By joining Newsline, you will
               receive the news bulletins automatically; that is, without
               having to send a command to Comserve.  Newsline is a
               one-way channel; those who join Newsline should not
               themselves send anything to this hotline.

 CommJobs      The CommJobs hotline is for distribution of announcements
               of academic or industry positions for those in communi-
               cation studies and related fields (rhetoric, journalism,
               speech, mass communication, social linguistics, etc.).
               Once you have joined CommJobs, you will automatically
               receive copies of position announcements sent over this
               hotline.  If you would like to distribute a position
               announcement over CommJobs, send it in computer mail to
               the address of the CIOS staff --
               Your announcement will be redistributed over CommJobs within
               a short time. CIOS staff will also distribute announcements
               on paper that are received through the US mail; however,
               there is a preparation charge for materials submitted in
               this way. Contact the staff for details.

               The CommJobs hotline is open to individuals from
               institutions that are CIOS affiliates, to Associates
               of the CIOS, or to those from countries to which
               Comserve access restrictions do not apply.  Send this
               message to Comserve for more information about access
               restrictions and CIOS membership categories:

                            Help Topics CIOS

 NewBooks      The NewBooks hotline is a one-way news channel (like
               NewsLine and CommJobs) that distributes information about
               new and recent publications relevant to communication-
               related fields (rhetoric, communication studies, mass
               communication, speech, social linguistics, etc.).
               NewBooks postings are prepared by Comserve's staff based
               on materials obtained from publishers, authors, and
               published reviews.  Contact the staff at
      for information
               about how to submit an announcement for NewBooks.

               The NewBooks hotline is open to individuals from
               institutions that are CIOS affiliates, to Associates
               of the CIOS, or to those from countries to which
               Comserve access restrictions do not apply.  Send this
               message to Comserve for more information about access
               restrictions and CIOS membership categories:

                            Help Topics CIOS

 Preview       The Preview hotline is an edited news channel that
               distributes information about recently completed research
               and scholarship in communication-related fields
               (rhetoric, communication studies, mass communication,
               speech, social linguistics, etc.).  Preview carries
               abstracts of conference papers, research reports, papers
               awaiting publication, computer programs, etc. and in each
               case information about how to contact the abstract author
               to obtain a full copy.

               If you wish to submit an abstract for distribution over
               Preview, please obtain a submission form from Comserve's
               resource library by sending Comserve this message:

                             Send Preview Form

               Complete the form and send it to

II.  EJCREC -- A refereed scholarly journal

 EJCREC        "Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique
               de Communication" is a peer reviewed electronic scholarly
               journal.  The managing editor is Teresa Harrison
               (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). EJCREC serves as a
               distribution channel for tables of contents for this
               journal.  Subscribers can obtain copies of articles
               directly from Comserve's resource library.

III. Hotlines for public dialogue

 CCAnet        This hotline is operated by the Canadian Communication
               Association for the dissemination of CCA news and for
               discussion among CCA members.  Anyone interested in the
               Canadian Communication Association is invited to join

 CMC           For discussion of computer-mediated communication,
               diffusion of computer communication systems, impacts
               in education, business, government, etc.

 ComDev        "Provides the opportunity for regular global interaction
               among individuals and institutions working in the areas
               of international and development communication." Operated
               by Professor Tom Jacobson (SUNY - Buffalo).

 ComGrads      For graduate and undergraduate students in communication
               studies interested in exchanging ideas on research and
               teaching, developing resources for the graduate school and
               employment application process, and creating a national
               and international student network.

 ComHist       For discussion of communication and history, both the
               social history of interpersonal communication and the
               history of communication technologies.

 CommDis       For discussion of issues related to speech disorders.

 CommEd        For discussion of issues pertaining to communication

 DisPrac       For discussion of issues pertaining to disciplinary
               practices within communication studies.  Appropriate
               issues for this hotline might include (but would not
               be limited to): the basis for divisions in the field,
               the evolution of the discipline, processes related to
               publication, peer review, etc.

 EduTel        EduTel focuses upon the use of computer mediated communication
               in educational contexts.  Edited by a cross-disciplinary and
               cross-institutional group of scholars.

 Ethno         For discussion of issues in ethnomethodology, conversation
               and discourse analysis, etc.

 FamComm       For discussion of issues relating to communication/
               interaction in the marital and family context.

 Gender        For discussion of issues pertaining to the study of
               communication and gender.  Gender operates under the
               editorship of Karla Tonella (University of Iowa).

 HealthCo      For discussion of issues pertaining to the study of
               communication and health and communication in the health
               care profession. (See related InHealth hotline below).

 IAMCRNet      IAMCRNet is a service of the International Association for
               Mass Communication Research.  IAMCRNET's aims are to:  1)
               distribute an electronic version of the IAMCR Newsletter,
               2) distribute other information from IAMCR Headquarters,
               Sections, and Working Groups, and 3) provide an
               international forum for the exchange of information on
               communication research, education and policy.

 InHealth      InHealth, the International Health Communication hotline,
               is a multi-disciplinary, international forum for
               information exchange and discussion of issues related to
               communication and health.  InHealth provides services that
               include on-line e-mail messaging, retrieval and storage of
               database information, distribution of conference, funding,
               and other information, and special online conferences.  A
               newsletter is sent to all subscribers via conventional

               InHealth is jointly moderated by Professors Stuart
               Schrader, Department of Communication Studies, Bloomsburg
               University and Leonard Assante, Department of
               Communication, The University of Scranton.  They can be
               reached at the InHealth Editor's Mailbox:
               InHealth@SCRANTON (Bitnet) or InHealth@Jaguar.UofS.Edu

 InterCul      For discussion of issues pertaining to the study of
               communication across cultures.

 Interper      For discussion of issues in interpersonal and small group

 Magazine      For discussion of journalistic, communicative, economic &
               technological issues related to magazine publishing.
               Edited by Professor David Abrahamson, NYU Center for

 MassComm      For discussion of issues in the areas of mass
               communication, mediated interaction, new technologies of
               communication, etc.

 Methods       For discussion of research methodology including
               qualitative and quantitative procedures.

 OrgComm       For discussion of issues pertaining to communication in
               organizational settings including business and industry.

 PCRN          Participatory communication research network.  Provided
               by the PCRN special interest group of the International
               Association for Mass Communication Research.

 PhilComm      For discussion of issues in the philosophy of
               communication, communication theory, and epistemology.

 PolComm       For discussion of issues related to political

 Rhetoric      For discussion of issues related to the study of rhetoric,
               rhetorical analysis, social movements, persuasion, etc.

 PCRN          Participatory Communication Research Network, provided
               by the International Association for Mass Communication

 BSCSCP        For discussion of issues pertaining to the Basic Course
               in Speech Communication. Topics may include pedagogy,
               administration and training, course content, research,
               assessment, etc.

 ApplComm      For those interestd in applied and professional
               communication practices.

IV.  Private hotlines


    This is a private hotline for members of the board of directors of
the Canadian Communication Association.  Board members use CCABOARD to
facilitate planning and policy discussion.  This hotline is not
available to the public.

 ProjectA - ProjectK

               These private hotlines are used in rotation by groups of
               scholars and students in support of specific projects
               (e.g., group research, student debates, educational
               experiments linking students from classes around the
               world, coordination of the production of edited books,
               seminars for scholars interested in special issues,
               etc.).  These hotlines are not available through Comserve
               directly.  Contact the staff for information about how
               to join or leave a private hotline and for information
               about obtaining a private hotline for use in a particular