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My university does not subscribe to CIOS services. How can I get access to CIOS databases?
First, encourage your campus librarians to get in touch with the CIOS to set up a subscription. They should send email to and request a quotation for services. CIOS services are very inexpensive and most libraries are quick to subscribe once they know there is interest on campus. Call the reference desk at the library and ask if they will do this. You can also join the CIOS as an individual.

My university subscribes to CIOS but ComAbstracts asks me for a password. How come?
Check to be sure that your university actually subscribes to ComAbstracts. Most schools subscribe to all CIOS services but a few schools subscribe to basic CIOS services but not ComAbstracts. Click here to check what services are included in your campus subscription. If your university does not subscribe to ComAbstracts, you can obtain a year's access inexpensively by joining the CIOS as an individual (professional level). Click here for membership information.

I think my university subscribes to CIOS services but no matter what CIOS database I access, I'm still asked for a password.
When your university established its CIOS subscription, it submitted a list of campus Internet addresses to the CIOS. Access from any of these addresses is automatically recognized. It is possible that the university has added or changed its range of Internet addresses without informing the CIOS. Contact the library and ask them to investigate this possibility.

How can I take advantage of my school's subscription to CIOS services from off campus?
Most subscribing universities set up a system called a "proxy server" that facilitates off campus access. You access the proxy server from your off campus computer and it interacts with CIOS databases on your behalf, as though you were on campus. It relays results to your off campus computer. Check with the reference desk in the campus library to see if they've set up a proxy server and authorized it to interact with CIOS services.

My organization would like to have its journal included in CIOS databases. What should we do?
Contact the staff by writing to We cannot cover journals in ComAbstracts if the journal itself does not include abstracts (e.g., "Rhetoric Review"). We can however include such journals in ComIndex and its web version, the Journals Indexes.

How can I report an error in a CIOS database?
Report all errors by email to:

How can I submit a position announcement for distribution over the CommJobs service?
Send the announcement as plain text email (i.e., no HTML markup, no word processing, not as an attachment) to The announcement must be appropriate for the CIOS's audience of communication (mass communication, journalism, rhetoric, speech) professionals and students. There are no charges for this service.

About Passwords: Access for Individual Members of the CIOS
Please note that a password is not required for those accessing CIOS services from affiliate institutions: institutional affiliate status is recognized automatically. Passwords are required only for individuals who have joined the CIOS as individuals.