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Religious Communication Association's Journal of Communication and Religion

Religious Commuication Association

The Religious Communication Association is publisher of The Journal of Communication and Religion (JCR). As a result of cooperation between the RCA and the CIOS, the entire contents of JCR are available to the public. The tables of contents for each issue are presented as standard HTML pages, suitable for viewing in any graphical or nongraphical browser. Use the tables of contents to obtain articles or to search for related resources in CIOS databases using prepared search options (located beneath each article title). Or click on any author's last name to search for other resources (articles, web pages, contact information) related to that person.

The JCR articles themselves are displayed using the fast new "djvu" format, which requires a browser with graphics capabilities and the free djvu plugin from AT&T, available from the AT&T website. It can be downloaded using the link below.

* Journal of Communication and Religion tables of contents
* Explore the universe of theoretical concepts communication scholars associate with religion
* Visit the Religious Communication Association website (note: the RCA website is external to the CIOS website. Use your browser's "back" button or similar function to return here.)
* Download the free DejaVu plugin from the AT&T website