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CIOS Open Text Project: Free Worldwide Access to Classic Works in Communication

As more and more resources are being made available online, the CIOS Open Text Project contributes to that trend in an important way. The project is a way to maintain the availability of important texts while ensuring the widest possible readership. We believe that making texts openly available not only keeps our scholarship alive and dialogue active, but provides an avenue through which students can become acquainted with the seminal works of our discipline. Additionally, the project can make a difference internationally by making important disciplinary works available to developing and growing communication departments and programs overseas, programs that may not otherwise have the library resources to gather such materials. Making texts publicly available also contributes to the development and maintenance of our community of communication / journalism / rhetoric scholars who may not have library access to disciplinary works.

Academic departments and libraries can support this project by joining the CIOS institutional affiliates program. Individual scholars can support the CIOS by becoming an associate member.

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